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Kristina Melnicenco (USA) Presents… Shaded Eyeliner

Kristina Melnicenco is a true artist, whose mission is to make people feel beautiful and confident with quality being the top priority.

She started her career in Eastern Europe in 2009 with a medium level training, Kristina realised how important the skill and knowledges are, especially in the PMU industry.

For the next couple years Kristina invested all her time and all her effort to achieve the most natural result by choosing the best techniques. Extremely oriented to details, Kristina always knew that the soft natural looking PMU will be a new era in the permanent makeup industry and this is exactly what Kristina Melnicenco specialises in.

Getting all the years of experience together, today Kristina has a very successful and world renowned academy where she shares all her skills and knowledge. Known for the quality and best techniques Kristina’s academy based in Dallas, Texas, welcomed artists from around the world that come to learn and raise their skills to a totally new level. And her effort shows in her students great results.

Kristina is the first S-trainer in the USA and all the present S-trainers been trained by her. Kristina spends most of her time in her studio doing what she loves the most. Kristina continues to travel and work by teaching PMU Classes all around the world. She is often invited as speaker to numerous PMU Congresses and Conferences where with a big pleasure shares her expertise.

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