LA Skincare Transformative Facials

LA Skincare is for small salons, one man bands and mobile therapists, as one range does everything we need it to in order to be able to offer high end intense facials.

It is a unique methodology, where you have a ‘tool kit’ for your skin. One range that does everything you need, as each product contains key ingredients to suit your type of skin.

Now do not get me wrong, we have added to the range as some people just need that extra something and we have tried to cater for everyone. Now great skin is not just about skincare.

There is soooo much more to it! For example stress plays a massive part in whether our skin feels and looks good. Along with our lifestyle choices of course. Which is why I decided to introduce our aromatherapy range. Adding essential oils into your life has never been easier…

LA Skincare treatments have been perfected over the years. We pride ourselves on thorough consultations. This is where we can find out about your skin. Sometimes it is not just about skincare. We often find our lifestyles can contribute to skin conditions we may be having. Stress plays a massive part in our skin health and our facials may just be the perfect time for you to Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate.

LA Skincare creation combines optimal levels of active ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of each extract. They are performed in salons across the world and are tailored to your skin. Drawing on our salon experience, every product created is developed to meet the
expectations of our therapists and their customers – for both instant and long lasting results.

We all love a ‘manual’ facial, however I believe when you come into a salon for a facial, it is great to be able to have much more, as well…

I brought in the ‘gadgets’, this way therapists can offer ‘intense in salon’ treatments. LA Skincare’s gadgets are there to enhance the salon facial. Your therapist will decide how best to treat your skin. This will be done based on the consultation at the beginning of your treatment. It may be advised to do a course of treatments and gadgets to achieve the required results.

The gadgets are small enough that it means even one man bands can offer intense in salon treatments or even mobile therapists.

You, the therapist can offer great aftercare advice and products for your client to use at home.

What are the gadgets?

Facial Cleansing Brush: Deep exfoliation, boosts circulation, reduces open pores, improves acne, massages skin.

Radio Frequency, EMS & LED Massager: Reduces fine lines, firms and tones skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness.

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Spatula: Removes dead skin, reduces pores and aids removal of blackheads.

Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager: Reduces dark circles, puffiness and helps restore elasticity around the eyes. Relaxes, soothes and refreshes the skin and increases absorption of eye serum; improving its efficiency. (Please note – this gadget is only for home use).

We will be on stand H112, come and say hi.

Louisa x