Lashfactor Pro for Professionals – Empower your clients with Lashfactor Pro 

Why use eyelash extensions or mascara to glorify your look when you can achieve this naturally without the risk of damaging your natural lashes? The use of false lashes has significantly grown in the last decade, and although it does enhance a person’s look – it does so by causing more damage to your natural lashes and your eyelids over time.

Lashfactor Pro is a nanotechnology-based eyelash & eyebrow growth solution that gives longer, fuller and darker results in just 4 weeks. It shares the same popular patented, micro-bristle applicator as Lashfactor with a higher formula making it perfect for salon owners and professionals.

Lashfactor Pro also contains an advanced blend of molecular hair pigmenting agents that gives a darker appearance. The darkening effect is seen in 2 weeks of daily use and enhances the natural beauty of your eyebrows and eyelashes without having to use any artificial dyes and colouring agents.

As a pharmaceutical company, we believe in safe cosmetics and our primary focus is to give you your dream eyelash & eyebrow goals without compromising health. We have the consumer in mind! It took our research team more than three years to develop Lashfactor and we are beyond confident our natural growth solution will benefit anyone who tries it. All products made and sold by Lashfactor have been produced in an advanced, sterile research lab in the UK. Our commitment to ensuring our labs are 100% sterile is what makes Lashfactor unique and safe.

Say goodbye to false lash extensions, messy mascaras, brow refills, and embark your Lash & Brow journey with Lashfactor Pro.

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