Judging Criteria and the Competition Rules

  • You are encouraged to study the Judging Criteria and the Competition Rules
  • If you need clarity on any of the Judging Criteria or Competition Rules, it’s your responsibility to seek it, ideally before the day of the competition. You risk losing points if you do not understand or follow the Judging Criteria and you risk disqualification if you do not follow the Competition Rules.
  • This Live competition is strictly time bound. Competitors have the following timescales to complete their treatment on both eyes:
    • Classic Category is 2.5 hours
    • Light Volume Category is 3 hours
    • Dark Volume Category is 3.5 hours
    • Lash Lift Category is 1.5 hours
  • Each Category will be run independently of each other so you are able to compete in all 4 Categories if you wish. You are advised to bring one model for each Category that you enter.
  • Each Category has its own Judging Criteria that covers all of the elements being assessed in that Category.
  • Only reputable products may be used. They should be in their original packaging and not be siphoned into unmarked containers or bottles. In the interests of safety, competitors will not be allowed to compete with questionable products.
  • Where there are less than 3 entrants in a category/level, this would not make it a competitive competition. We will honour the entry on the basis that for fairness, they must attain 75% or more of the available points. In Classic, this would be 90 points or more, in the Light and Dark volume category, this would be 97.5 marks and for the Lash Lift category this would be 75 points.


Competitors are required to wear a face mask for the duration of the competition from the point where they prepare their model just before the competition starts (Preparation stage) and for the full duration of the competition. This is due to the close contact nature of the treatment.

Competitors are required to bring (and use) hand sanitiser in a branded bottle so it is ready for inspection by our Floor Judges. This contributes to the ‘clean work’ judging element.

Models will not be required to wear a mask unless you want them to.


Specific Rules for the Lash Extensions Categories

  • Black or Brown Lash Extensions may be used. They may be mixed or blended together.
  • Only black adhesive may be used.
  • Competitors can write their lash map on the lower lash protection, be it eye pads or suitable tapes.
  • The lower lash protection (eye pads or tape) are assessed as a part of the Clean Work element in the judging criteria. Floor Judges will check to ensure that competitors do not swap them for fresh ones. If the pads or tapes need to be changed because of soiling or discomfort, they should be placed on the judging sheet in the designated position along with the next set used following treatment. Anyone who is found to have disposed of their eye pads or tapes whether deliberately or accidentally will be disqualified.
  • You CAN mix diameters. Do not exceed the thickness for the specific Category. For example, in the Classic Category, you can use a maximum of 0.15mm and also use finer extensions in the same set.
  • You may mix the Volume in your Fans. Do not exceed the maximum Volume allowed in the Criteria. For example, in the Dark Volume Category you can use 4-6D fans. Your entire set does not have to be 6D Fans.
  • This competition is distinctly different from others that you may have competed in. Complete coverage is NOT necessary as Infant lashes that are too young and fragile to carry an extension or Volume Fan should NOT be treated. This is in the interests of safety.
  • Finger pinching and similar methods are acceptable.
  • Crystallising to lock the base of Volume Fans with adhesive is acceptable.
  • Pre-made, Pro-Made or any like Fans CAN NOT be used. Competitors MUST create their own Fans during the competition.


  • Judges are experienced Lash Artists and proven experts in their field.
  • Judges are briefed immediately before the Competition to ensure that the Elements of the Judging Criteria are understood for consistent application.
  • Assessment scores are based on strict Judging Criteria that is described against each of the Elements. All work is assessed against the same criteria.
  • The judging process is strictly anonymous. The judges will not know the identity of the competitor and this is strictly managed in the interests of fairness. For example, competitors compete under an Entry Code. Floor Judges do not award points but check for compliance with the rules of the competition. They do not have contact with the Criteria Assessing Judges until the judging process is complete.
  • Judges use a 0-10 point scoring system for every Element in the Judging Criteria.
    • 10 points = Highest score. Awarded for exceptional work against the criteria.
    • 0 points = Lowest score. An area that offers an opportunity for improvement.
  • A model who has seemingly symmetrical features and healthy natural lashes will showcase your work more effectively. This competition assesses the overall look that suits your models face shape, eye shape, brow shape and the like. This competition does NOT assess how attractive any model is or how amazing their personality. Judging is based on an objective assessment of your work alone.
  • A number of judges will assess each model. To ensure consistency throughout the Category, the same Judges will focus on 1-3 Elements. For example, one judge may assess the overall look whilst another assesses the attachment, distance from lid and direction.
  • Score sheets will show the points given for each of the Judging Criteria by their Judge and a total score.
  • Competitors will receive their Score sheet after the winners are announced.
  • Where a learning opportunity exists, Judges will provide written feedback on their scoresheet to help the competitor understand their rationale. Judging is time limited so it will be brief.
  • At the event of a tie or draw, the competitor with the highest points for certain Elements in order of their importance (hierarchy) will be deemed the winner. The hierarchy of the Elements are listed in ascending order in the Judging Criteria.

For example, in the Classic Category, the Style and Overall Look would be the first Element. The competitor who scores more highly in this Element will win. If this Element is also tied, then the next one is considered, being Symmetry – and so on.

In the rare event that both competitors have scored the maximum points available, their positions will be tied.

  • Judges’ decisions are final. They will not be subject to debate but clarity may be sought after the competition where the Judges availability permits.



  • Competitors are responsible for bringing their own models.
  • Models must 16 years of age or over.
  • The organisers DO NOT provide models or assist in finding them.
  • Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their model is suitable for treatment (e.g. no contra-indications).
  • Competitors are responsible for looking after their models welfare and needs. It’s wise to ensure that they are hydrated and nourished before the competition and have an opportunity to visit the toilet before the competition starts.
  • Competitors are responsible for briefing their model on what to expect. They will be laying still for the duration of the competition and will then be directly chaperoned into the Judging area. In the interests of fairness, this is supervised.
  • Models must be free of all eye makeup. This includes make up worn along the lower lash line, eyelid and the brow.
  • Models MUST be sober and in good health.
  • Models must not be wearing any lash extensions. Their lashes are assessed before the competition starts by a Floor Judge so participants will not be able to remove them during the competition.



  • Couch, chair, lamp, trolley and rubbish bins are provided for each competitor.
  • Competitors are not permitted to bring an extra lamp due to strict adherence to Health and Safety provisions.
  • Competitors may bring their own disposable couch roll, pillows and blankets.
  • All Competitors should have hand sanitiser as a part of their kit.
  • Only reputable products may be used. They should be in their original packaging and not be siphoned into unmarked containers or bottles. In the interests of safety, competitors will not be permitted to compete with questionable products.
  • Competitors are strongly advised to bring a bottle of water and have the means to keep track of time.



  • Competitors must follow ALL the Competition Rules.
  • Competitors must refrain from any unsafe and therefore dangerous application practices or techniques. If in doubt, contact the organisers for advice before the day of the competition.
  • For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of safety, needle pens are not permitted to be used (sometimes used for isolation). Strictly, tweezers only.
  • Competitors must wear appropriate clothing, for example, no trailing sleeves.
  • Long hair must be tied back during the competition.
  • Jewellery should be minimal to avoid harming your model.
  • Strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness must be observed at all times.
  • Mobile phones must be set to a silent mode. No ring tones or alarms are allowed.
  • Competitors MUST be sober and in good health.
  • Competitors who do not understand English must supply their own translator. They must be present during the briefing following Registration. They must remain in a designated area for the duration of the competition should their services be required to help a competitor communicate with a Floor Judge.


Non-UK Competitors

Non-UK competitors will not be required to provide proof of insurance upon registration, but must satisfy all of the requisite requirements to practice in their home country. Upon registration they will be asked to tick a box to state they accept full responsibility for themselves and their model to compete in The Lash Games. The Lash Games Organisers will be undertaking proportionate due diligence around competency to practice by receiving and reviewing a copy of their qualifying certificate to practice. If this does not satisfy the organisers, they will be in touch with the competitor on an individual basis


The Competition


30 minutes

  • Competitors should arrive in good time and register at the Registration desk during the allocated times. Competitors who are late will not be admitted as it’s disruptive to other competitors.
  • Competitors and their models will be issued with their unique Entry Code via a
  • Before entering the competition area, Floor Judges will check the models natural lashes for any visible signs of pre-existing lash damage or visible contraindications in and around the eye area. For Lash Extension Categories – they check that no extensions are present. For Lash Lift Category, they check that the lashes haven’t been pre-treated.
  • Only competitors and their models may enter the Competition Floor following registration. No unauthorised persons will be permitted at this time without the express permission from the organiser or Floor Judges.



15 minutes

  • All Competitors and models must be present at their workstations and await to be briefed BEFORE setting up. This will take no more than 5 minutes. Due to time constraints, this is not the time to ask questions about the specific competition criteria that should be clarified before the competition day to help with planning and preparation.
  • Competitors may prepare their workstation by laying out their tools and products on their trolley. These will be checked by the Floor Judges during the competition to ensure that their products are permissible.
  • Competitors may prepare their couch with disposable couch roll, pillow.
  • Competitors may cleanse their models lashes only. They must NOT perform any other part of the treatment. Applying the under eye protection may NOT be done at this stage.
  • This is a time limited competition. In the interests of fairness, all competitors MUST start their treatments at the same time. This will be announced and the competition clock starts. Any contestant who starts any of the treatment process before this announcement WILL be disqualified.
  • All kit bags or cases MUST to be stowed away under the contestants couch to prevent slips, trips and falls.


Competition time

Classic Category is 2.5 hours

Light Volume Category is 3 hours

Dark Volume Category is 3.5 hours

Lash Lift Category is 1.5 hours


  • The remaining time left to compete will be announced at 30 minute intervals. The final countdown will be announced at the 10, 5 and 1 minute marks.
  • Competitors and models must remain at their workstations for the duration of the competition, even if the competitor finishes early.
  • Competitors and Models should raise their hand to attract the attention a Floor Judge or Organiser if needed. For example, either they or their model needs a toilet break. Models will be chaperoned in the interests of fairness.
  • Competitors and models should refrain from consulting with or seeking assistance from other competitors and models.
  • Talking above a whisper is strictly prohibited.
  • Using a mobile phone during the competition is strictly prohibited.
  • Consuming food and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.
  • Competitors should complete the Description by the Stylist section on their Judging Sheet during the competition time. Time will NOT be given for this once the competition ends. Allow 2 minutes for this task.
  • Competitors should place ALL of their models lower lash protection (eye pads and tapes) on the Judging sheet in the space provided.


End of the Competition

  • An announcement will be made instructing competitors to stop work immediately. Any competitor who fails to comply will be disqualified.
  • Competitors should give their model the following:
    • Their Judging Sheet
    • Sealed packet of eye pads
    • Mascara wand
  • Competitors must direct their model to wait at their workstation.
  • Competitors are responsible for making sure their model understands the importance of the judging procedure.
  • Competitors will have a maximum of 5 minutes to pack their kit away and leave the Competition Floor with ALL their belongings.
  • The Judging process will then commence.
  • Models must remain the judging area until their treatment has been assessed by each judge. This can take time. When the judging process is complete, they need to participate in the photoshoot. Any model who leaves the judging area before this is concluded, will be disqualified.


General Competition Rules

  • No refunds of competition fees are given.
  • Competition entrance fees are non-transferable.
  • Competition is open to qualified/certified lash technicians of all skill levels.
  • The Lash Games reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor.
  • Competitors must be at least 16 years old.
  • Competitors must specify the competition Category and Level they are entering when the registration form is filled out. For example, Classic Category at Beginner level. The Entry Level is based on your time as a certified lash technician or on your proven ability (competition winner).
  • Once a competitor has registered, they cannot change their Category or Level.
  • Where it is found that a competitor has competed at the wrong Level, they will be disqualified. If in doubt, check with the organisers before entering.
  • Competitors must submit a copy of their FIRST lash extension application or Lash Lift certificate as appropriate to ensure their eligibility to participate.
  • All competitors MUST be insured at the time of competing. They need to be able to evidence this if they are subject to a random check during Registration. Anyone who is not insured or cannot show evidence of such, will be disqualified.
  • All photos/video taken by The Lash Games personnel or contractors are the sole property of the organiser, to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organiser without compensation to the competitors.

The rules and regulations, judging criteria and entry levels for this competition are all copyright of The Lash Games competition, owned and organised by Olympia Beauty.

Covid-19. This competition will run in line with government guidelines

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