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Welcome to The Lash Games 2020!

Taking place on Sunday 4 - Monday 5 October, The Lash Games is changing shape this year! If you're a professional lash artist aged 16+, The Lash Games is the competition for you!

The rules...


  • After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive this please contact the organiser ( urgently as it means your registration has not been processed
  • If any competitor is entering more than one category in one day, we advise you bring one model per category. 
  • No refunds of competition fees are given. Competition entrance fees are non-transferable. 
  • The Lash Games reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor.
  • Competitors and models must be at least 16 years old
  • All competitors and models must have an entry badge for Olympia Beauty to be allowed into the competition arena - register here for your badge: 
  • Due to the large number of attendees, The Lash Games is not responsible for verifying that every competitor has entered the correct division - this is done on the honour system. If it is found that a competitor has entered in the wrong divisions, they will receive a 10 point deduction in their final score for each competition. 
  • It is the responsibility of the competitor to choose the right model for the right competition category
  • It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure the model makes it to the competition on the day - the organisers cannot provide you with models 
  • It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure a disclaimer is signed by the model upon entering the competition arena and this must be available to the floor judge at the start of the competition



  • Competitors must wear suitable uniform (if you do not own a salon attire you must wear all black)
  • Hair must be tied back for the duration of the competition
  • Masks and gloves must be worn 
  • There must be no loose jewellery worn for the competition
  • All products used must be clearly labelled - hand-written labels are acceptable. Non-labelled products will be confiscated during the competition
  • All competitors must bring copies of their diplomas/certificates of qualification and insurance papers - spot checks will be made
  • All tools must have been through an autoclave before use
  • All competitors must supply the following for their treatment: neck pillow, blanket (optional), sanitiser, couch roll (optional) and your products to compete
  • You will be provided with a bed, chair, trolley with drawers and lamp by the organisers - where possible if you are competing in more than one competition we will try to ensure you stay on the same bed for the duration of the day (this is not guaranteed) 
  • All competitors must arrive promptly at the stated registrations time according to the competition timetable. 
  • Competitors and models will need to check in and collect their badges to be allowed into the competition arena



  • The Lash Games competition takes place on the Gallery level of the Grand Hall, Olympia London and is access only through the Olympia Beauty show
  • Competitors are not allowed to start eyelash application before announcement. If organisers or floor judges notice that a participant has started applying eyelashes before announcement, they can be disqualified
  • During The Lash Games the competitors must follow ALL of the rules and regulations. No phones and no changing eye patches permitted before judging time. 
  • Before the competition starts the floor judges will check the models eyes for any signs of redness, infection or applied extensions and these will be noted on the judging forms
  • Rubbish bins will be provided to all competitors
  • No eating allowed - only non-alcoholic drinks in the competition area
  • Competitor numbers will be allocated to the competition arena via a coloured sticker
  • All photos/videos taken by The Lash Games personnel or Olympia Beauty team are the sole property of the organiser, to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organiser without compensation to the competitors
  • Only competitors and their models may enter the competition arena. Any other person entering the arena must obtain permission from the organiser or floor judges
  • Competitors will be allowed to set up their tools and products during the competition briefing. All kit boxes and bags (other than personal handbags that should be placed under the chairs) will be moved to the back wall of the arena. They will not be left at the bed. There are drawers in the desks provided where products and tools can be stored. Techs are invited to use the desk drawers during the competition (these will be shared between two competitors). 
  • Each competition will have a 20 minute setup and briefing time prior to the start of each competition category
  • Competitors and models must be present for the briefing and remain at their desks until the conclusion of the competition
  • Once the competition time is up, competitors must stop working and stand with their model - all competitors must leave the competition area until all models have left the area to be judged. This will take some time so it is advised that competitors take their personal handbags with them. Competitors will be allowed back to the arena as soon as possible to clear desks or prepare for removal to allow the next competition to take place. 
  • Any competitor found to be still working on their model after the close of the competition will be disqualified by the floor judge
  • When instructed, competitors are responsible for making sure their model understands the judging procedure and directing them to visit each booth judge before leaving 
  • Models must not leave the judging arena before they’ve been judged by all booth judges. Any model leaving the judging arena prior to being judged will be disqualified
  • Any competitor not abiding by these rules will take whatever point deduction is allowed in the rules. For those rules not specifying point deduction, there will be one warning with no point deduction. There will be a 5 point deduction for a second warning and disqualification for a third infringement. 



  • Competitors who do not understand English must supply their own translator. The translator must be present during the competition briefing and stay just outside the competition floor and available to the competitor. In the event that they are required for communication with the competitor, a judge must be brought over to allow the translator onto the competition floor. 



  • The judges' decisions are final. Score sheets for all competitors will be sent via email within 10 days after the event has ended to the email address used for booking. 
  • In the event of a draw the scores will be reviewed and a winner will be awarded by the Head Judges.
  • The judging is blind meaning only the models will be seen by each booth judge, so the judges will have no idea which technician created which set of lashes. Models will be identified by numbers on stickers provided at random on entrance to the arena. 
  • One judge does not judge every aspect of the set and criteria is split so that they can concentrate on a few aspects of the lashes. 
  • The score sheets will be made available prior to the competition so that you can see what criteria the judges will be looking for and how you will be marked per competition category.
  • A 1-10 point judging system means 1 is the lowest and 10 is flawless. Where the points system is 1-5, 1 is the lowest and 5 is flawless.

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