Sponsor the UK’s leading competition for lash artists

Welcome to The Lash Games 2022, the UK’s leading competition for lash artists. Working in partnership with World Lash University and hosted at Olympia Beauty. The Lash Games will be celebrating its sixth year on Sunday 2 & Monday 3 October 2022 at Olympia London.


  • Your logo on The Lash Games website page, all certificates, email marketing campaigns and on all press boards at the event

  • The opportunity to gift all competitors and/or winners

  • Opportunity to network with competitors, judges and fellow sponsors at the networking event

  • Inclusion in our social media campaign starting early 2022

Sponsorship: £2,995 + VAT - click here to book today

olympia beauty exhibition, comm by laura tarling
olympia beauty exhibition, comm by laura tarling

Key points about The Lash Games 2022: 

  • The Lash Games 2022 is in partnership with World Lash University. This team brings over 30 years’ of specialist lash and industry knowledge and experience to the competition.
  • There are three divisions and four competition categories available
  • Our strictly anonymous judging process ensures fairness.
  • The Lash Games 2022 works with a state-of-the-art judging system that ensures fairness and gives you a fantastic scorecard record with comments post-event.
  • Our unique stances on certain parts of the competition process means The Lash Games is unlike any other physical competition in the industry.

If you have any questions about this opportunity please call 01959-569867 or email laura.tarling@olympiabeauty.co.uk

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