Thank you to everyone who competed in The Lash Games 2019!

The Lash Games welcomes technicians from across the world to the competition floor. Judged by industry experts renowned worldwide, The Lash Games is one of the fieriest competitions to take place at Olympia Beauty! Registrations for The Lash Games 2020 will open in December 2019. To register your interest and receive an early bird offer as soon as registrations open click here and complete the form.

The winners of The Lash Games 2019 are...

The Lash Games Classic Lashes Category 2019

Novice Category

1st: Pavla Havell - 76.5p
2nd: Anna Markiewicz - 75.5p
3rd: Amiee Wilkinson-Wolfe - 70.5p

Lash Professional Category

1st: Cintia Szabo - 74.5p
2nd: Camilla Juul Dahl - 73.5p (decided with Stickies)
3rd: Bożena Jakubowicz- 73.5p (decided with Stickies)
Master Category
1st: Therese Kvist - 75.0p
2nd: Chie yoshimura - 73.0p
3rd: Gintare Mikulskyte-Juciene - 71.0p (decided with Stickies)
Expert Category
1st: Martyna Banaś - 79.0p
2nd: Justyna Stępińska - 76.0p
3rd: Paulina Zielinska - 74.5p

The Lash Games 2D/3D Volume Category 2019

Novice Category
1st: Cintia Szabo 87.5
2nd: Elizabeth Nelson 85.5
3rd: Vanya Gaberova 83.0
Lash Professional Category
1st: Szandra Farkas-Kraszlan 82.5
2nd: Daria Lushpa 81.5
3rd: viktorija Visokinskaite 81.0
Master Category
1st: Szabina Vodicska 83.5
2nd: chie yoshimura 79.5
3rd: Yurika Nakamura 79.0
Expert Category
1st: Emelie Bolsing 88.0
2nd: Sylwia Kucharska 87.5
3rd: Paulina Zielinska 86.0

The Lash Games 2D-6D Mixed Volume Category 2019

Novice Category
1st: Anna Markiewicz 82.0
2nd: Karis Warren 80.5
3rd: Emily Faiers 72.0
Lash Professional Category
1st: Olga Bhatt 82.5
2nd: Bożena Jakubowicz 82.0
3rd: Sadaf Jawed 81.0
Master Category
1st: Therese Kvist 85.5
2nd: Gintare Mikulskyte-Juciene 79.0
3rd: Natalie Barton-Phillip 71.0
Expert Category
1st: Nina Vaim 86.5
2nd: Justyna Stępińska 86.0 (stickies)
3rd: Angelica Hermansson 86.0 (stickies)


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