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Welcome to The Lash Games 2020!

Taking place on Sunday 4 - Monday 5 October, The Lash Games is changing shape this year!

If you're a professional lash artist, The Lash Games is the competition for you!

Registrations will open soon, but in the meantime register your interest by clicking here!

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The winners of The Lash Games 2019

The Lash Games Classic Lashes Category 2019

Novice Category

1st: Pavla Havell - 76.5p
2nd: Anna Markiewicz - 75.5p
3rd: Amiee Wilkinson-Wolfe - 70.5p

Lash Professional Category

1st: Cintia Szabo - 74.5p
2nd: Camilla Juul Dahl - 73.5p (decided with Stickies)
3rd: Bożena Jakubowicz- 73.5p (decided with Stickies)
Master Category
1st: Therese Kvist - 75.0p
2nd: Chie yoshimura - 73.0p
3rd: Gintare Mikulskyte-Juciene - 71.0p (decided with Stickies)
Expert Category
1st: Martyna Banaś - 79.0p
2nd: Justyna Stępińska - 76.0p
3rd: Paulina Zielinska - 74.5p

The Lash Games 2D/3D Volume Category 2019

Novice Category
1st: Cintia Szabo 87.5
2nd: Elizabeth Nelson 85.5
3rd: Vanya Gaberova 83.0
Lash Professional Category
1st: Szandra Farkas-Kraszlan 82.5
2nd: Daria Lushpa 81.5
3rd: viktorija Visokinskaite 81.0
Master Category
1st: Szabina Vodicska 83.5
2nd: chie yoshimura 79.5
3rd: Yurika Nakamura 79.0
Expert Category
1st: Emelie Bolsing 88.0
2nd: Sylwia Kucharska 87.5
3rd: Paulina Zielinska 86.0

The Lash Games 2D-6D Mixed Volume Category 2019

Novice Category
1st: Anna Markiewicz 82.0
2nd: Karis Warren 80.5
3rd: Emily Faiers 72.0
Lash Professional Category
1st: Olga Bhatt 82.5
2nd: Bożena Jakubowicz 82.0
3rd: Sadaf Jawed 81.0
Master Category
1st: Therese Kvist 85.5
2nd: Gintare Mikulskyte-Juciene 79.0
3rd: Natalie Barton-Phillip 71.0
Expert Category
1st: Nina Vaim 86.5
2nd: Justyna Stępińska 86.0 (stickies)
3rd: Angelica Hermansson 86.0 (stickies)

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