Lipnv™ No Needle Filler Takes The Beauty Industry By Storm!

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You probably have a million and one questions regarding our unique NO NEEDLE Filler Course. Well look no further, as we have all the answers. If you have clients that shy away from needles and injections, this could be the answer both your clients, and your business are looking for!

How Does It Work?
We use a Hyaluronic Air Pen that generates enough pressure to deliver filler to the area being worked on, this can be used to administer lip and facial fillers. The pen itself has been on the market for a number of years, and was actually first designed to eliminate the use of needles for those who suffer from diabetes, fast forward to 2019, and now we have what is being called the biggest movement within the beauty industry since the launch of gel polish, and we are at the forefront of it!

Who Can Perform The Lipnv™ Treatment?
Due to it’s safe and non-invasive delivery method, you do not need a medical or beauty therapy background to perform this treatment. However, when speaking with a member of our Education Team, you will be asked a number of questions, just to make sure you are suitable to attend the course.
After booking the Lipnv Course, and before entering one of our training academies, you will receive a complete Anatomy & Physiology pre-training manual, this is to give you some ‘heads up’ information before coming to one of our classes…. But don’t worry this will also be covered in your class!

Why Is Lipnv™ Taking The Industry By Storm?
There are many advantages to having lip and facial fillers using the Lipnv Air Pen, here are a few
Non invasive (No Needle)
Little to no bruising
No need for a nurse qualification
No numbing cream required

Lipnv™ Is Fast Becoming A Household Name!
In as little as 5 months, we have already trained hundreds of Lipnv™ Therapists! With high customer satisfaction and loyalty amongst clinics and salons, can you afford to let your business be left behind? We also have a new salon locator feature on our website to help consumers find you and boost your business.

Let’s Talk Education!
The Lipnv™ No Needle Filler is delivered in one (fun) intense day!
The day starts promptly at 9.30am with a 4.30pm finish, which by then you will be skipping out of our classrooms with your brand new BFF (that’s your Lipnv Air Pen!) and be ready to start your new journey into No Needle Aesthetics.
After the course is completed, we will invite you to join an online Support Forum, where a community of Lipnv™ practitioners come together to offer you 24 hour support, so you will not be on this Aesthetic journey alone!

Introduction to No Needle Fillers
Emphasis on Lip Enhancements
Hygiene, Health & Safety
Salon set up
Cross Linked vs Non Cross Linked Fillers
Live Demonstration on lips
Live Demonstration on facial fillers

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