Manami Edwards – Judge

Founder and Co-owner of Blanco Lash Studio in London

Founder Co-Director of Blanco Lash Products London Ltd

Organiser Lash Queen Lash competition 2019-2021

Multi lash Competition winner, published Lash stylist , Lash trainer and competition Judge.

Manami has travelled worldwide for training, conferences as well as competitions where she successfully gained experiences and won trophies.

Her Students also have started to expand their career as award winning lash artists, trainer and judge .

Blanco Lash Studio (Former Manami Lash )  ,  operates under Enhance Client’s Natural Beauty, and has won the awards in London and England from 2018 to 2021 for the fourth consecutive year.

Also, in 2020, Blanco Lash team has started to produce its own brand, Our aim is to produce lash artists with ready to work skill  and  improve the quality of training in the eyelash industry and Manami is passionate to share her knowledge and techniques to support students’ career in the best possible way .