Matt Iulo of Scalp Micropigmentation

We’re very excited to announce that Matt Iulo of Scalp Micropigmentation will be speaking at The SMP Bootcamp on Sunday 29 September 2019 at Olympia Beauty!

Matt Iulo was among the first specialists to deliver scalp micropigmentation treatments in the United States.

Recognized internationally for his premier results, Matt has treated over 5,000 clients suffering from hair loss, pattern baldness, hair transplant scarring, fue/fut scarring, and alopecia.

Matt has trained companies and professionals in the craft of scalp micropigmentation all over the world.  This includes Estheticians, Plastic Surgeons, Scalp Tattoo artists, Microblading professionals, Cosmetologists, Beauty Consultants, Permanent Makeup artists and more…

He’s successfully grown scalp micropigmentation (smp) clinics in New York City, Los Angeles California, and Houston Texas with the help of his amazing team!

Matthew began his journey after first receiving the treatment himself overseas. Seeing the amazing scalp micropigmentation transformation first hand, he immediately began training with some of the early innovators and pioneers in the field.

After training Matthew Iulo helped open the first Scalp Micropigmentation studio in New York City. He went on to become a leading consultant and treatment specialist, meeting clients from around the world. There are now 3 expert scalp micropigmentation practitioners in the New York office.

Matt Iulo opened up Scalp Micro USA’s second office in Houston, Texas with veteran practitioner, Graig Lauricella. Recently, he opened up the third Scalp Micro USA clinic in Los Angeles, California.

› Experience treating over 5,000 clients
› Vast understanding of natural hairlines, color matching, and scar concealment
› Leading educator in the industry and routinely holds workshops and classes for practicing professionals.
› Recognized for creating customized looks for patients with all types of hair loss

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