MAVEX UK – Lockdown retail treatment packages

Since the lockdown we have seen clients increasing their ordering of items to retail to their clients.

Salons are creating mini at-home treatment packages from MAVEX retail items.  We are emailing clients the MAVEX catalogue and price list so they can read all the product information and create bespoke lockdown skincare, foot health and nail care packages to help clients maintain results while they spend so much time at home.

Some ideas for salons to market to their clients:

Foot health package:

  • Silky Foot Peeling exfoliator, is beautifully aromatic and filled with the detoxifying Alpine    rock salt
  • Daily Care Foot Cream, has a high urea content and is formulated specifically to absorb i   into the tougher skin on the soles of the feet
  • MAVEX Foot File tool & replacement files

Micoxan SOS Callus – For those who need it and struggle with sore calloused feet.  Applied to problem areas twice a day and will help soften and soothe painful areas of hard skin build up

Beautiful Hands Package:

We’ve all been washing our hands more so looking after them has become important for everyone.

  • Hand Silky Peeling, with extract of Edelweiss flower, provides anti oxidant properties while exfoliating all that dry flakey ski away with the detoxifying Alpine rock salt
  • Intensive Hand Serum for use when you’re not going to be washing hands much!  We recommend before going to bed to benefit from the active ingredients that are easily absorbed
  • Anti Dark Spot Hand Cream, a fantastically moisturising hand cream even if you don’t have dark spots on your hands!  It absorbs easily without being greasy allowing you to carry on with your day

Problem Skin At Home Facial:

  • Active Carbon Supercleansing, with green clay and honey will deeply clean skin and help remove pollutants and dead skin cells
  • Instant Detox Sheet Mask to help draw blackheads and toxins away from the skin
  • Divine Beauty moisturiser if dry skin, or La Perla Firming Treatment moisturiser for oily skin

Skin Brightening Anti-Pigmentation At Home Facial:

  • White Perfection Micellar Foaming Cleanser removes make up, helps normalise sebum production as well as being anti-bacterial.  It is soothing to skin with a gentle creamy texture that respects the skin’s hydrolipid balance.
  • Booster Serum, prevents formation of age spots while stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Reduces redness and repairs damaged DNA.

Depending on the time of day, followed by either:

  • Day Cream SPF30 to moisturise and brighten the skin, repair the barrier functions and restoring the lipid layer of the skin, while also preventing the formation of dark spots
  • Triple Action Night Face Cream, stimulates cellular renewal through intelligent exfoliation without the unwanted effects of traditional chemical peels

There are many other possible combinations that salons can offer as retail to their clients during this lockdown period.  Speak to us and we can discuss what is right for your salon and your clients.

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