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South West Aesthetics is a proud distributor of MG SKINCARE, a product line made in London. Designed for & by Manuel Guerra, a professional therapist, trained in Brighton in 2003.

MG products are made with the finest ingredients possible, affordable to the professionals and the clients. They are based on results-driven formulas with gorgeous textures and beautiful smells.

MG products are made to deal and managed every skin concerns and types, from acne to dry skin, from pigmentation to aged skin. MG is Dedicated to delivering success through innovative products and amazing training, to salons’s owners – therapists & to their everyday consumer’s.

The products range include:

Cleansers and Face Washes

  • Radiance Foaming Wash is made with a mild non-ionic surfactants, derived from coconut oil (natural and biodegradable). Treats uneven skin tone and pigmentation, leaving the skin well refreshed & brighter. For all skin types.
  • Soothing Facial Cleanser is lightweight & no tacky texture, ideal for dry skin, irritated skin and for makeup removal too.
  • Purifying foam wash is the best Acne wash in the market. A very special foaming wash with double action. ( Deep cleanse & exfoliation ). Contains AHA and BHA.
  • Facial Oil Cleanser act to dissolve heavy makeup, pre-cleanser, and to treat pigmentation making the skin brighter.


  • Purifying Toner for Acne, Oily & Congested skin. It is formulated to prepare the skin before primers, facial creams, sunblock or makeup. Ideal for conditioning your skin after cleansing and throughout the day. Contains tea tree extract & witch hazel flower, in addition to 1% of Salicylic acid.
  • Radiance Toner: Ideal product to hydrate all types of skin. This toner will condition & hydrate the skin, acting as a protective barrier. It contains Lemon water (helps with Acne & congestion), lactic acid (helps with pigmentation, dullness, & uneven skin), rose water (keeps the skin moist and radiant for the rest of the day)


  • MG Exfoliator is a special & fabulous exfoliator with super-refined pumice stone powder plus a 1% of citric acid. Ideal for dry & delicate skin, due to its creamy & hydrating base.
    Lactic Acid Gel (10%) Helps with Acne, congestion, scars, signs of aging & any type of pigmentation.
  • Radiance Clay Mask is designed to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin with Salicylic Acid but without destroying the skin’s protective barrier making it a unique product.


  • Radiance Serum is an innovative & wonderful multivitamins serum with: Retinol ( vitamin A ) + Vitamin C + fruit acids + hyaluronic acid. It prevents & reverses the signs of ageing, reduces wrinkles & firms the skin.
  • Recovering Oil Serum relieves redness, calming & softening skin with a superb blend of oils from plants, flowers & botanicals. Vitamin C Serum prevents & reverses the signs of ageing, especially those caused by the sun, reducing wrinkles & firming the skin.


  • Light Face Gel is formulated with antiseptic & antibacterial lemon & tea tree. It contains exfoliating fruit acids, helping with congestion, acne & acne scars. It will control any oiliness throughout the day. Very healing from the soothing properties of the avocado oil, alleviating acne & oily skin.
  • Medium face cream is packed with vitamin A + C plus Hyaluronic acid + fruit acids. Its incredible formula helps with treating: signs of aging, pigmentation & uneven skin tones.
  • Rich Face Cream is a super-rich + nourishing and comforting face cream. It is rich in vitamins and minerals from the seaweed extract, shea butter & vegetable waxes. It is a super healing & soothing cream, helping with: Psoriasis, cracked, sensitive & environmentally damaged skin.

Sun Screens

  • Light Lotion (SPF 30) is gentle, light & non greasy. A unique formula packed with antioxidants & phytosterols, with soothing, active & natural ingredients from plants & botanicals. Designed to give you the best possible broad-spectrum protection from UV rays.
  • Daylight Invisible (SPF 50) is formulated with the highest protection by the presence of Benzophenone-3, Octocrylene, Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, absorbing UVB & UVA (ultraviolet) rays, protecting your skin from DNA damage. This incredible lotion is lightweight designed to be well blended on your skin.
  • Designed for every skin condition/types & colours.