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Microblading & PMU Conference Speakers

Aleksandra Wasik

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Aleksandra Wąsik is the main trainer and owner of Fashion Brows. Its authoritative training methods, Microblading, Basic Permanent and Velour Lips, are popular among professionals wishing to improve their qualifications.

Aleksandra is a top-class trainer. Getting second place in the international permanent makeup championship in 2015, under the watchful eyes of a demanding jury, is a huge success and distinction. In Poland cyclically conducting classes in Kielce, Warsaw, Cracow, Gdynia, Poznan and Wroclaw. He conducts seminars around the world, including England - London, Norway - Oslo, The Netherlands - The Hague, Ireland - Dublin, USA - Salt Lake City, United Arab Emirates - Dubai, and the exotic island of Reunion.

Aleksandra Wąsik is the author of publications for professionals in the cosmetic industry. Participating in international conferences and workshops, they determine Aleksandra's place in the world's leading artists and experts of the difficult art of permanent make-up.

Debbie Clifford


My name is Debbie Clifford. I am the training director for Pigmentalia and Goldeneye Micropigmentation. I came into the micropigmentation industry later in life after a colourful background of careers.

I was brought up in an artistic and medical family and form a young age had an interest in portraits and faces. But I found my first love in teaching children with challenging behavioural problems. I believe somewhere along the line I was destined for a career in micropigmentation because of my love of faces, teaching, people and challenges!

I have high expectations of myself and am continuously learning and this knowledge I try my best to give to my students.

Although I can be a tough trainer at times, my aim is to give them the best start in tricopigmentation they can get and promise to be there for them throughout their career.

To be good and successful, comes from delivering high standards for each and every client or student and continuous practice and learning is a must in this industry.

It’s a real privilege to be part of Pigmentalia (Beauty Medical partners) and Goldeneye. Ethically we can offer what I truly believe to be one of the best and most adaptable forms of scalp micropigmentation.

The quality of the equipment and pigments is outstanding and based on over 20 years of experience and research by our manufacturer, Mario Gisbert and Milena Lardi. By bringing talent, passion and quality together, the results we create can be truly extraordinary.

I expect total dedication from my students during their training, they do not qualify until I am 100% convinced that they are ready. Our clients need our very best to feel comfortable, relaxed and expect the results to be of a high standard.

Training with Pigmentalia is a marathon rather than a sprint. There are no shortcuts and we do not sell products to anyone unless they have completed our extensive training program.

Jasper Scholtes, Tina Walsh and myself want to uphold the respect and integrity that Mario Gisbert (founder of Goldeneye) and Milena Lardi (Beauty Medical) have dedicated their lives to.

Being part of the Pigmentalia family is a lot of fun too. We have great rapport with each other and support each other on a daily basis. Keeping in mind that the client is always the most important person in our clinic on the day.

Kelly Fitzmaurice

Kelly Fitzmaurice_300

My passion for beauty has stemmed from a 17 year career working in the beauty industry. During this time I have been involved in both Salon management and in-salon training, it was only a matter of time before my passion would lead me to a teaching role qualifying with a full teaching degree and with a keen desire to pass on my knowledge and skills to other students. Having spent many years teaching in FE Colleges, I wanted to do something a little different.

Sleek Brows and their innovative industry leadership really caught my eye, this coupled with my keen interest in eyebrow artistry has lead me to become the Head Office Educator for both Sleek Brows & Everlasting Brows, travelling internationally and passing on my knowledge to our students.

I am fortunate enough to work very closely with the Founders of this incredible brand, and thoroughly enjoy teaching our students and improving the skills of others.

Monika Ludwiczak

Monika Ludwiczak_300

Monika has been in beauty since 2007, while she was busy working on her Psychology degree, she became increasingly interested in beauty services. She understood that her interest still very much lay with the treatments that enhance the eye area. By 2008, Monika was taking clients despite her busy university schedule, which involved many international flights. However, the industry was exciting and inspired her to continue on.

Being based in London, UK, our clients were well informed on the latest, highest quality treatments, and products available. Although we provided a first class service while working with our clients, we could not completely trust our supplier delivering the same quality products consistently, every time” explains Monika. This is where an obvious need for quality, yet easily accessible products came from. In 2009, the partners begun developing an eyelash extensions product range. While both professionals had vast experience of working with a demanding clientele, with that knowledge and support, it was just a question of time until the company became increasingly popular and inspired the two business partners to work further on supplying both professionals and clients with new innovations.

In 2011, they begun to meet the demand by providing education to therapists wanting to advance their techniques. Sleek Brows, which covered a gap in an eyebrow market. During 2012, while the testing for Sleek Brows concept was still very much in progress, both professionals travelled to some of the world’s largest beauty shows, Dusseldorf,the Middle East, Paris, Bologna and Hong Kong, where interest for permanent make-up and microblading begun... In 2013, Sleek Brows was born.

permanent innovations. Having trained and explored the permanent make-up capabilities back in 2012, it only seemed natural to begin offering clients the most natural way of semi-permanent enhancement - microblading. 2013 was very much dedicated to growing Sleek Brows, with huge amounts of international travel, attending, advanced courses, exhibitions and meetings with manufacturers, the two professionals used the opportunity to also further their knowledge from some of the world’s biggest beauty names, to incorporate all in developing their Eyelash, Eyebrow and PMU concepts. Currently, the two professionals are still business partners, still work and teach from the award winning Beauty Ambition school in London, and supply professionals and clients with quality products they have discovered mostly during their world travel. "We are distributors of some amazing brands coming from Australia, Switzerland, USA and Europe, as well as having our own product ranges which are manufactured to the highest standard's in England, Europe, United States, Taiwan and New Zealand” says Kintija.

Passionate about further learning and improving the beauty industry as a whole, two dedicated professionals continue their journey...

Vicky Martin

Vicky Martin

I have 17 years experience in micro pigmentation and body tattooing. I started permanent make up and tattooing in 2000. In 2006 I travelled to the USA and learned medical tattooing I then took every course I could in London, America and Europe.

In 2010 I was a micro pigmentation trainer for a London company and in 2012 I started my own training school with my sister.

I’m always learning and taking classes, learning new styles/techniques every year.

With my 3D Areola (VICKY MARTIN METHOD VMM™) I’ve mixed the world wide techniques I have picked up with my tattooing background and have created my own method. I have tried many different styles on my own body as well as creating my super realistic breast mould to practice on.

I am very passionate about my medical work and believe cancer survivors deserve the very best medical tattooing to finish the end of their long, tough journey.

I have spent years on not only my technique, but the most realistic training Breast moulds to enable you to create soft smooth shading and sharp 3d Effect.