Motivation is the key to success

Motivation is the key to success

You are the books you read, the movies you watch, the people you spend time with and the conversations you engage in. So choose very wisely what you feed your mind with!

For me the past ten years that I have been in business I have relied on reading for motivation, support and learning purposes. Reading isn’t normally my “thing” but for business purposes I cannot live without it.

When I started my business at 18 without any school education or qualifications I had nothing. I knew I needed to learn and study somehow and I am dyslexic so it was such a battle. But I can truthfully say that reading books written by top entrepreneurs gave me lots of valuable knowledge. They helped to change my mindset, who to surround myself with, deal with battles that may arise and most importantly how to stay strong.

Being in business is very lonely. You can have the busiest salon, lots of staff and plenty of friends and family around you. But, unless they think like you or do what you do, you have to get the motivation and learning from somewhere else.

Motivation is key! You might be bogged down with an overload of work, time-poor and financial situations. But reading a good book will always help your mindset and emphasise you to keep going.

I have been lucky enough to be part of a book that has recently been published. Reading is such a big thing for me, I have so many stories to share and I have always dreamed about having my own book. So when the opportunity was presented to me to have my own chapter and share more about my background and how I started my business I was thrilled. It has also prepped me for my upcoming autobiography which will be released late next year.

The amazing part about this book is there are also other stories about eleven other entrepreneurs and how they created their success. How they built their empires and the many struggles they have faced on the way to the top. Some came from living in hostels to becoming multi-millionaires. The book is a must have read and is amazing motivation for any business owner.

The book hit best seller within 24 hours on Amazon. You can order it on the pop up link at

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