Nail Kind launch brand new pastel shades this month!

Nail Kind are launching a new collection of pastel shades this March called Sweet Spring on March 15th

If you love intense shiny shades & conscious beauty & a bunch of natural caring ingredients, then you are definitely our kind. Embrace your you, use colour expressively and with confidence; paint strong looks from gentle formulas.





Bon Bon Blush: A blend of shy purple with a hint of blushing pink makes this swoon-over shade sweetly addictive.

Candy Floss: For instant fun plus a touch of the fabulous at your fingertips, this cute as candy pink is the epitome of playfulness.

Banana Blonde: Smooth as banana crème this dreamy, creamy yellow is the proof Banana Blondes have more fun.

Chill-Out Blue: When it’s time for a hue that’s tranquil and soothing, this chilled-out blue channels cool, composure and calm.

Water Baby!: Swathes of aquatic blue and marine green that make up this sea-water turquoise result in a blend that’s seductive and confident.


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