NAILKIND, vegan, natural and cruelty free nail polishes

A New Natural Nail Colour Collection – NAILKIND

Nailkind is an industry-leading range that’s 85% natural origin, vegan, animal + planet friendly AND has high performance, gorgeous colours that are also kind on nails. Not forgetting the final OMG … it’s affordable-for-all luxury at £8.95.

Join the NAILKIND revolution. It’s time to take on the world … of colours for your nails. If you love intense shiny shades + conscious beauty + a bunch of natural caring ingredients, then you’re definitely our kind. Embrace your you, use colour expressively and with confidence; paint strong looks from gentle formulas.

Our ‘cool-to-be-kind’ vibe means you can achieve high-voltage glossy impact colours while treating both your nails and the planet with care. Get a luxurious look fast with the impressive paint-and-go quick-dry formula.

We say no to animal-derived ingredients, no to animal testing and a big yay! to an impressive 85% of the formula being of natural origin – think mineral and plant-based ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat. While being less about chemicals and more about sustainability and respecting the environment,

NAILKIND also delivers on glossier-than-glossier nails!

Here’s why you can’t beat NAILKIND!

  1. Check-out the NAILKIND Colour Squad on Choose the colour that suits your mood or makes your mood. Dial your daring up or down!
  2. Paint nails with our highly natural, breathable polish for long-lasting rich glossy colour.
  3. Apply the brilliant shine Top Coat, Mist You to enjoy a fabulous finish that’s super hard wearing … with just a little TLC you can make the ‘ooh-lovely-nails’ last for up to 7 days.
  4. Flaunt your perfectly turned out nails. Be an unapologetic nail flirt!


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