National Massage Day & Pro-Touch Awareness Month – October 2020

A Coronavirus Update by Liz Badger, Coordinator of National Massage Day and Pro-Touch Awareness Month October 2020

Hello everyone!

In these, yes, “unprecedented times”, many people have been asking me if this years’ event will still happen – what with our strapline being “Join The Hands-on Revolution!” – gosh, nothing could seem further from the truth.

However, the challenges of the times we’re in have revealed a more pressing demand for a different but essential need – human connection.

As something that impacts me personally, I want to shift the focus from National Massage Day to Pro-Touch Awareness Month this year – namely – how we can touch the lives of others when physical touch is no longer possible.

We’ve seen how the heroic efforts of Sir Captain Tom have touched the hearts of the Nation – and yet so many other acts of day to day kindness and support are happening and are also available on-line. Their impact and ripple effect I believe are equally as valuable.

I’m reaching out to you as I hope you can join me in helping to support and influence our amazing sector and their clients/wider public.

If you or anyone in your circles has free, online and easy to share information, please do let me know as soon as possible – specifically in the following areas –

  • Combating loneliness and help for when self-isolating
  • Self-care tips for mental health
  • On-line help for supporting clients
  • As always, examples of volunteering, paying it forward and supporting others.

The information needs to be in the form of a ready to share link and free of charge/public e.g blog posts, on-line videos, downloadable free e-books or podcasts etc. They will be tagged into a free Facebook library as an inspiring resource for everyone to access and share.

We do still have our NMD/PTAM website that was new for 2019:

The free expert information is still available via the website i.e. over 60 videos, testimonials, articles, benefits, podcasts and case studies from all aspects of touch therapy – from acupuncture to reiki; from lomi lomi to story massage… it’s a fascinating library of great public, student and seasoned therapist interest.

Anyone can access, download and share the information – so please know that it’s there and also free to access and share.

We also have our public Facebook group now with over 2,300 members, and our community is still active and growing daily. This is where the new PTAM library will be held.

We were blown away by last year’s efforts – from fundraising, charity events, volunteering and “paying it forward” campaigns in communities… so this year will no doubt be equally as inspiring – if not more so! I believe collectively our sector can lead by example and be a wonderful force for good in the world.

Contact me, Liz Badger, with all queries and any information.

Liz Badger,  coordinator of National Massage Day and Pro-Touch Awareness Month October 2020: