Natural Help for Mature Skin – By Gemma Hurditch for CNM

Hydration inside and out is very important for our skin. Aim for 2 litres of water per day, or more depending if you exercise frequently or the weather is hot; try caffeine-free, skin-loving herbal teas such as nettle, rooibos and rosehips. Red clover tea is lovely for mature skin, it contains phytoestrogens so can be supportive for menopause and beyond. Red clover tea needs to be steeped in hot water for about 30 minutes to extract full flavour, so use a teapot with a tea cosy and 2 teaspoons of the herb per cup for best results. If unwanted facial hair is a concern, spearmint and green tea can be a useful addition for supporting hormone balance. If redness or rosacea are a concern, avoid alcohol. For the occasional tipple, organic red wine is preferable to white wine, beer or spirits.

Good fats

Good fats are very important to keep skin healthy. 1g of good quality fish oil daily, or even better eating oily fish a few times per week; sardines, pilchards, mackerel and anchovies are great choices. A couple of tablespoons of freshly ground linseeds or an algae Omega-3 supplement can be taken instead, if preferred. Cold pressed, organic olive oil is excellent to add at the table and for cooking or roasting, organic, raw coconut oil is delicious. Avoid margarine, frying in seed oils and processed meat. They contain unhealthy, ageing chemicals, both for the skin and the rest of the body.
Ensure adequate nutrition for repairing and renewing skin. Get vitamins A and D from orange, dark green and yellow coloured fruit and vegetables, egg yolks and oily fish. Avocadoes, wheat germ and almonds are great for vitamin E. Organic fresh vegetables and fruit are richer in nutrients and lower in pesticides. Go whole grain and limit processed foods.
When washing, water should be warm not hot; hot water strips natural oils and dries out the skin. Finish your shower with cool or tepid water. Use only gentle natural care products. Avoid soap on the face. A natural organic cotton cloth and warm water are often all that is needed to cleanse the face of dirt and makeup. Make sure cloths are well washed between uses to avoid bacteria contamination. Moisturise directly after showering. Gentle circular motion is best. Be mindful not to pull or drag the skin of the face, neck and décolletage, which can be very fine and sensitive.

DIY serum

Make your own skin support night serum from jojoba oil or rosehip oil for the face, and coconut oil for the body. Add 6 drops of essential oil per 20ml of jojoba/coconut or other carrier oil. Great choices for mature skin to combat signs of ageing include; Frankincense, Rose, Geranium, Lavender and Sandalwood.
Regular dry body brushing with a natural loofah brush before showering can remove dead skin, encourage lymph flow and stimulate repair. Avoid the face, neck and décolletage.
When outdoors it is important to protect the skin. Put a couple of drops of Red Raspberry Seed oil in your palm and mix with an equal amount of your night serum to boost its UV protection factor for day wear – and remember your lips! During summer months avoid midday sun particularly to the face and hands.


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