New Crystal Alchemy book launch at the Show

Shirley O’Donoghue from Lucis College Ltd Stand B156 is about to launch her latest book at Olympia Beauty

Entitled Crystal Alchemy it is a practical and experiential guide to using and combining crystals with other therapies. Pack full of exercises you can try on friends, family and clients its a new approach to Crystal Therapy. There is a special offer for pre-publishing purchases but you can see the book if you visit her stand or attend her talk on energy based therapies on Sunday at Olympia Beauty.
As people look towards complementary therapies more to enhance their well-being and support conventional medicine many new therapies have emerged including Crystal Therapy. In fact Crystal Therapy is not new at all, its origins can be traced back to Egyptian times as well as many other ancient civilisations

So what is Crystal Therapy and how does it work? Well, one theory is that crystals emit a small electrical pulse or charge called piezoelectricity, the body’s magnetic field or aura responds to this charge which, when the correct crystal is selected, allows the energy system of the body including the chakras and meridian systems to become fully balanced and energised.

Crystals are not necessarily expensive and small tumbled stones are very useful in crystal healing. Choose stones that are not too heavy if you wish to place them on the body . Flatter stones will stay in place more easily and aim to get at least 2 stones of the same colour to begin with. You can use these crystals to hold when meditating, to place on specific energy centres which need rebalancing or simply to carry in your pocket to offer an energetic support throughout the day. The important thing is to choose crystals you feel drawn to.

Crystals can be used in a number of ways. A Crystal Therapist would place crystals on or around the body to form a “grid” which the patient lies in. Usually the patient experiences a profound and deep meditative state and in many cases is aware of the energy as it works with the subtle energy system. Alternatively, they can be used as follows:
• As an aid to meditation
• As environmental placements – as well as being a decorative focus, Rose Quartz for example is excellent in helping to reduce the effects of electro magnetic pollution when pla


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