Not your average shea ingredient – WORLD FIRST

Not your average shea ingredient – WORLD FIRST

Yep, you heard us right, it’s a world first, we kid you not! Karethic Skincare have harnessed the power of the shea flower in their new skincare range targetted at more mature skins of 30 and 40+ in age. The clever little bees that visit the shea tree’s in Benin love love love the shea flower and Karethic’s magnificent team have organically extracted the ingredient to add to their Nectar of Youth range.

Do not fear, no bees are harmed in the process and the honey is organically harvested. As well as Karethic’s complete shea product range their Nectar of Youth products are certified organic by EcoCert, cruelty free, Certified fair trade and vegetarian.

We have a beautiful Cleanser, serums, moisturisers, a face mask, an eye cream and a face scrub. So when we say complete range we mean it!

The products are anti pollution as well as the 2 in 1 Serum for skins of 30+ being anti dark spot as well. It’ll even out skin tone and reduce any sun damage and pigmentation.

Their revolutionary face mask can be left on then rubbed in for extra nourishment. No mess no fuss.

Karethic’s products aren’t only amazing, their work with the coops in Benin, where they source their shea ingredient, is second to none. They employ the coops and lift up communities by working with them on new products, new ingredients, the harvesting of the shea ingredient, the ecological impact as well as making sure that entire families have future jobs with training as well.

The work they do by giving back to the community isn’t only heart warming, it’s groundbreaking to say the least. They are 50% a skincare brand and 50% a coop employer. The shea tree is spiritual in the African community with it being likened to that of a Woman, a life giver.

Karethic support from the ground up and are very much business partners with their coops and producers.

Amazing skincare, good for the environment, ethical, sustainable – leaving you with the best skin ever as well as supporting the communities where the ingredients is harvested. This is the future. An all encompassing brand that thinks about the affect their products have on the environment and those around them.

To learn more about Karethic and their work in Benin and to purchase our products, please go to our website.

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