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Always Pure Organics, is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of specialist cannabis-based products. Our range includes cosmetic and skincare products that use our COSMOS-standard approved CBD isolate. We offer a broad range of white label products and ready for retail brands that range from soothing night-time lavender lotions to energising blood orange CBD creams. In addition to our expertly formulated white label and ready for launch brands we offer an innovative bespoke formulation service. We work closely with our clients throughout the product journey, from formulation, manufacturing, regulatory guidance, to logistics; ultimately acting as the driving force to get their products on the market.

A major aspect of our formulation service is the ability to include vitamins and minerals at levels that allow for health claims to be made on the products. We are committed to providing only the highest quality products and ensuring that everything we do is fully legal – removing any uncertainty that working in the cannabis industry can often bring.

Our Lavender Night Lotion, Tattoo Aftercare Lotion, and CBD Hand and Nail Lotion all contain panthenol as an active ingredient to help sooth inflammation, cuts, or sores. If you’re in need of something a little stronger our high strength menthol balm contains 1,500mg of CBD, making it one of the most powerful CBD balms on the market. Our cosmetics range also includes CBD cosmetic enhancer beauty drops which can be used as a standalone product or added to creams and lotions.

The COSMOS-standard approval is a globally recognised guarantee that aims to promote the use of responsibly and sustainably sourced natural materials to promote transparency between businesses and consumers. The criteria for the COSMOS-standard is in place to ensure that consumers can trust that products and materials are genuine and natural cosmetic products and have been produced with the highest sustainability practices. Always Pure Organics’ CBD Isolate achieved COSMO approval, proving our commitment to providing the best quality products. We have also become patrons for the British Beauty Council, and we look forward to collaborating with them to help support the beauty industry in Britain.

Always Pure Organics was one of first UK companies to successfully register an EU CPNP approved CBD based cosmetic. From our two starting bases, a mobile lotion at 0.2% CBD and a firm lotion with 1.5% CBD, we can offer everything: from muscle balm or anti-ageing cream to hair and nail maintainer or a tattoo relief balm. All our cosmetic options are fully registered on the European Cosmetic Product
Registration portal and have undergone REACH testing. A variety of labelling, branding and packaging options allow us to tailor the final product to client specification to ensure total satisfaction when launching their product range.

Always Pure Organics supply 1.2 million daily doses of CBD to over 500 clients globally with the help of our fully functioning operational infrastructure in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan, allowing unrivalled distribution.

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