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Inverness Safe & Gentle Ear Piercing System

Ear piercing, styling and curation with INVERNESS, The World’s Safest and Gentlest Ear Piercing System*.
Offer your clients a professional service and unique piercing experience. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, peace of mind piercing with Inverness.

Visit us to explore how to increase year round footfall, offer specialised ear design and styling, grow your turnover and client base.
Turn a traditional ear-piercing service into a multi-piercing, revenue stream.
Inverness distributed by Goodman Bros Ltd offering a low investment turnkey set up with fast R.O.I.
Supporting partners every step of the way. Professional training, social media marketing solutions and personally attended launch events and piercing parties.

Entering the piercing business has never been so painless.

*Contested by competition in the UK and validated by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).