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NYX Professional Make Up

NYX Professional Make Up

Stand: D30

NYX Professional Makeup, named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night and symbolized beauty and power, is known for high-quality, professional makeup at accessible prices. A leader in the global colour cosmetics industry, NYX Professional Makeup is defined by exceptional quality products with rich pigments and high payoff. Featuring a range of classic, seasonal, and on-trend cosmetics, NYX Professional Makeup is a must-have among beauty lovers and professional makeup artists.

The Brand began with artistic inspiration, a single product and a vision. Seventeen years later NYX Professional Makeup offers more than 2,000 products and is available in over 70 countries, enabling the makeup artist in everyone to choose any colour, in any category, at any time.
The brand grew up in the digital revolution with the rise of social media as a powerful platform for makeup. Professional makeup artists inspired a new community of digital makeup artists. The brand’s following now includes today’s very influential beauty vloggers, instagrammers, YouTube Stars and their millions of fans around the world. These (often) self-taught makeup artists love to share their love of NYX Professional Makeup, how to’s and tips and tricks, as a form of self-expression. As a result, NYX Professional Makeup is one the most influential brands in the online space, and these beauty influencers now serve as a source of constant inspiration.

NYX Professional Makeup shares with all makeup artists their passion for makeup artistry and inspires women everywhere to feel beautiful, radiate confidence and have fun while wearing NYX Professional Makeup.

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