The Kindr Company

The Kindr Company

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At the start of the pandemic, when the Government ruled that only sanitisers containing 70% alcohol and above were effective against COVID, even people with the toughest skin noticed the impact of putting such harsh and abrasive chemicals on their skin.

Mother of two Katre Thompson, suffers with highly sensitive skin, as does her youngest daughter and alcohol based sanitiser were causing dry, painful and cracked skin – not only for them but thousands of other people with skin conditions and eczema sufferers.

Working with a team of UK chemical engineers an alcohol free, safe on skin, yet deadly against 99.999% of germs and bacteria, including COVID, was developed.

Not only did Kate want the product to be Kinder on the skin but also environmentally friendly, to be Kinder on our planet, so all Kindr products are refillable.

Kindr Sanitiser Products are;
Tested to the highest British Standards
Cruelty free
Non toxic
Effective against COVID
Work in under 30 seconds
Protects for up to 4 hours
Made in the UK

Kindr products can be used to sterilise and sanitise all work stations, treatment rooms as well as clients skin. Using different dispensers all refilled with the same product which improves businesses waste reduction and also saves money. As well as the benefits of not having toxic, chemical solutions in your salon and on your staff/clients skin.

Products include;
50ml travel size and 300ml family sized foaming sanitisers.

Flairosol spray using patented technology to deliver a super fine mist spray, that leaves all surfaces sanitised within 30 seconds and no need to wipe away. Treatment rooms can be ‘fogged’ after use and ready for the next client within minutes.

New – Everyday spray provided on lanyard and can be used on all surfaces and skin to ensure you are protected always.