The Oncology Care Panel Discussion

Come and join the experts as they discuss Oncology Massage. The panel is made up of experts in the field who have through research, skill and experience discovered how oncology massage can support those with cancer. The panel have trained and educated many professional therapists who now work in cancer care settings, SPA’s and clinics through the UK and Internationally. Find their approved and accredited courses at

Their collaborative approach around eastern and western techniques will educate and inform you around the myths of cancer massage for patients. You will have an opportunity to ask questions at the panel discussion or send in you before the event. The Oncology care panel is hosted by Kush Kumar the CEO of and International Professional Association, ThinkTree Hub.

Date / Location: Monday 30th September 2019 on The Olympia Stage at Olympia Beauty, Gallery Level, Olympia London

Times: 12noon - 1pm

Facilitated by: ThinkTree

Cost: Free to enter with ticket to Olympia Beauty - click here for your tickets

Introducing our panel...

Mr Marc Innes

Mr Marc Innes - Principal/Owner School of Natural Therapies, London and Head of Training & Education at the Made for Life Foundation

I began my career in the NHS, working in a number of managerial and training roles within the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, spending some of that time as a paramedic, more latterly as a trainer and a Superintendent, looking the 999-call centre in Central London. I spent a total of 23 years in the health service altogether.

Having spent many years in the medical profession, I have an extensive knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and I have been invited on several occasions to coach medical staff & Drs in resuscitation and emergency care procedures; this sound medical knowledge has also served me well in the massage and complementary therapy industry.

As time progressed, I developed an interest in all things complementary to Allopathic Medicine, beginning by studying Reiki Healing, which along with EFT, culminated in me running a successful teaching practice in Brighton, incorporating massage also.

In 2009 I was privileged to take over the School of Natural Therapies in London, which today is a successful training academy, specialising in all forms of massage, complementary therapies and sports and remedial massage.

I spent 10 years living in Cornwall; during that time, I met up with Amanda Winwood, who is the owner of an organic skincare and wellness company, specialising in spa treatments. A massive drive, within the company, was the development of spa training for clients and guests’ living with, undergoing treatment for and recovering from cancer.

I was asked to join the organisation as head of training and education; part of my remit was to develop an accredited  course and educational programme, which empowers therapists and encourages spas and salons to open their doors to those with cancer.

As such we have been running this course for the past three years across many major spas across the UK.

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Jennifer Young
Dr Deepa Apte
Tracey Kiernan
Christine Clinton
Gwyn Featonby. BSc (hons)