Candle Spa

About Candle Spa Ltd
As usual the best ideas are simple. Our aim in creating Candle Spa was to give consumers natural Soy Wax candles which provided them with an everyday spa feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. In the beginning, a desire to replicate the feeling of a spa experience through fragrance and light, led to the creation of our ‘Everyday’ range of fragrance candles which are produced in tin containers.

The response to the quality of our candles quickly led us to create a ‘Spa’ range of candle fragrances,
suitable for use in spa’s and beauty salons across the country and which consumers would also want to
use at home. Since then we have continued to develop product ranges such us Hand & Body Lotion & Liquid Soap and Bath Salts with essential oils.

Coming in 2021 – Shampoo and Conditioner products.

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