Eldora Skin

Eldora ProHydrate revives tired eyes so you can make the most out of your lush lashes. Under eye hydrogel patches are a K-beauty staple, and they’re absolutely vital if you’re a regular makeup wearer.

Our hydrogel patches for eyes hydrate the delicate under eye area, replenishing the fragile skin with naturally soothing moisturisers like Castor Oil, Camellia, and Grapefruit Seed. The addition of caffeine awakens your eyes and improves the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness while Niacinamide and Adenosine brighten the skin and increase elasticity.

Our hydrogel eye pads offer a cooling, soothing touch, perfect for calming your skin after a long day of looking fabulous! This also has a knock-on effect of minimising inflammation e.g. puffy eyes.

Hydrates and restores the delicate under eye area.
Improves the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness.
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
30 pairs per tub.

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