Shrinking Violet Professional

Tibby Olivier revolutionised body treatments when we launched Clinically Proven Shrinking Violet Body Wraps, our heritage has lead us to be considered the world’s leading authority on results driven slimming, body sculpting treatments for maximum inch loss and cellulite reduction.

The clinical trialled Shrinking Violet Body Wrap named ‘The Inch Loss Leader’, Become an inch loss specialist centre.

The techniques of Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Training cannot be classified among any other existing, well known massage techniques. A study of Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Rituals will show that the techniques are complex and the movements involved require special training. To achieve the intended effects with Shrinking Violet Body Wraps, it must be carried out exactly as taught in its original form at the Tibby Olivier Institute.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap courses encompasses the massage techniques as described below. They can be applied in any combination during treatment. Learn step by step our Shrinking Violet massage, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), anatomy and physiology, indications and contraindications, treatment protocols and techniques plus the Specific wrapping techniques we use.

Our Shrinking Violet Body Wrap treatments combine an intense programme of Shrinking Violet massage, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) to accentuate our slimming solutions effectiveness. Also featuring the latest information body wrapping on for an all-embracing complete sculpting, firming and toning therapy, incorporating body wrapping, compression, massage techniques, exercises, skin and body care.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap courses for students, therapists and practitioners.

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