Songbird Naturals

Songbird Massage wax is the perfect medium for a range of massage techniques, providing the massage therapist with the ideal grip-slip ratio. A superior alternative to massage oils and lotions, our massage wax is a non-spill, 100% natural, beeswax-based medium ideal for controlled and deep massage. Presenting as a semi-solid formula which immediately melts onto the skin, our waxes and balms provide a massage medium that delivers control, smoothness and a perfect finish.
Available as an unscented wax and in a range of blended essential oils, our aim is to provide the perfect grip, giving the best control for massage and bodywork, with no spills, no mess, no waste.
Choose from a range of grip-slip ratios, Vegan options, and a range of pack sizes to suit your needs, including recyclable and compostable Eco Packs.

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