White&CO Cosmetics – Tooth Whitening Products & Systems

Is your business benefiting from the high demand Tooth Whitening Cosmetics sector ?

Here at White&CO, we are a double award winning UK brand that provide only the best, industry leading equipment, and professional UK Dental Laboratory formulated products, which have been specifically designed for the Beauty & Aesthetic Industry. Offering safe, legally compliant and pain free alternatives to invasive peroxide treatments.

Our highly profitable Clinic & Salon systems are non-contact designed, self-service whitening systems that require no staff time, offers full Covid compliancy and compliments all forms of business’s in Beauty and Aesthetics.

Whether you are branching out on your own, or looking to bolster your existing business with a current and high demand cosmetic area, we offer highly affordable package options and to suit every budget from start-up to multi-store fulfilment.

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We are offering a full 25% off our top selling Starter Plus+ Business Package, exclusively for Olympia Beauty Spring 2021.