Courage to Change Report

British Beauty Council

2020 was the year the World changed forever, with the global pandemic bringing into focus the much needed changes for both our communities and planet to recover and thrive.

At its heart, the beauty industry has the belief that true beauty is intrinsic to each one of us and to the world we live in – our job is to ensure that this beauty can shine.

The Courage to Change was commissioned by the British Beauty Council, and lays out a vision of how we can move forward together to create an industry which nurtures the planet that we love and all that live on it. Hubbub conducted a variety of methods of research for the British Beauty Council: desk research of the many initiatives that already exist, interviews with voices inside and outside the industry, and a think tank discussion with 40 participants.

We realise significant change will involve commitment, courage and collaboration and we urge you to join us on this journey.

The Courage to Change sponsors: Walgreen Boots Alliance, Hubbub, SEEN Group, Timely, Matrix, Weleda. And special thanks to Junxion for research and analysis.