Enhanced Aesthetics – A Rundown on How Suzanne Hance Is Finding Her New EPN Pen


The EPN Pen is the world’s first medically certified Microneedling device on the market which combines the benefits of dermal needling with the advanced delivery of Electroporation.

The combination of Microneedling and Electroporation within one handheld device maximises the production of new collagen and elastin fibres, whilst delivering a safe and minimally invasive treatment for your clients. This revolutionary pairing of technology means that clients’ results are maximised as serums with high molecular weight are induced into deeper dermal layers.

Click the button below to watch a short video of Suzanne Hance from Enhanced Aesthetics giving a rundown on how she is finding her new EPN Pen so far.

Suzanne Hance:

“I am giving you the rundown on how I am finding the new EPN Pen by Lynton. This Microneedling Pen has new technology, which means that it is putting all the goodness straight into the skin cells. I have been looking for a pen for well over a year and I finally decided to go for this one and I am loving it so far. I am loving treating scarring with it. I am loving getting the plumping affect, the slight eyelifts, and it is so, so easy to use.

One of my clients is absolutely loving her results, she has hated her skin since she was 11 and she is now finally going makeup-free – so that is the goal. But this pen is so easy to use and I am just loving that. So that is my quick rundown on how I am finding it. But as I said, I’ve been looking for one for well over a year and I am well impressed.”

Find out more about the EPN Pen at Lynton.co.uk.