MAVEX Body Black Slim & Detox Treatment


An innovation in body treatment with instantly noticeable results, from MAVEX Switzerland:

BODY BLACK Slim & Detox
Black Pepper, Vegetal Carbon and four new-generation powerful slimming phytocomplexes united synergically in an extraordinary treatment for the body that can slim, reshape and detox with unprecedented efficacy.

Has a double action; to enable the the body to release excess fat and toxins:

By acting on the cellular metabolism, it transforms fats into energy and helps the reduction of fatty deposits, with a visible slimming effect.

It encourages the efficient release of fluids full of waste and toxins, providing a powerful purifying effect.

BODY BLACK is an extraordinarily effective new-generation treatment which uses ingredients of natural origin to give visible results from the very first session:

• It reduces localised fat
• It visibly reshapes the silhouette
• It detoxes the skin in depth, absorbing and draining the accumulated toxins and waste
• It leaves skin supple and compact

The treatment itself involves a wonderful scrub to smooth and soften the skin to prepare it to absorb the hard working ingredients of the active body oil that help the body release toxins. This is applied with a special massage technique (watch the video for a full demonstration), followed by enveloping your client in a smooth, black body mask which you allow to set. The mask is easily peeled off for less mess, leaving your client refreshed, energised and detoxified. The treatment is finished off to perfection with a massage with the rich body cream, to give your client a soft smooth and improved silouette.

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