MAVEX Forever Facial Video Demonstration


MAVEX Forever facial range is the first professional skincare range to use Ganoderma extract combined with Hyaluronic Acid to provide intensive skin hydration, healing and cell turnover. Ganoderma extract has been used in Far Eastern medicine for thousand of years as an anti-ageing elixir, usually consumed as a tea. The dermatologists and chemists at MAVEX have extracted this unique essence to create a results driven skincare range.
Following the cleansing stage there is an AHA/BHA Peel with a unique combination of seven acids that each have a different action on your skin to enable the following serum and alginate masks to penetrate their active ingredients deep into the skin. Your clients will see and feel the difference, and have beautifully packaged retail items to purchase for home use.

At MAVEX we support businesses of all sizes, so you may place orders of a size to suit your business. We provide marketing materials and images for you to use on your social media pages or salon websites.