Peace, Wellness and Profits Half Day Masterclass @ Olympia Beauty with Global Beauty Educator and Princes Trust Mentor Eryca Freemantle

Do you struggle with your work/life balance, never finding time to look after your well-being in the way that you know you should?

Do you suffer from work-related stress, fatigue, anxiety or depression?

Maybe you are seeking solutions to help balance yourself and your team for a more effective work day and improved business success?

Would you benefit from a deeper insight and effective methods for better managing the above symptoms for a more balanced life?

Join us in the Olympia Beauty Education Club for a half day Corporate Well-being Masterclass with Global Beauty Educator and Princes Trust Mentor Eryca Freemantle & Special Guests at Olympia Beauty Show 2019!

Topics covered within this masterclass will include learning, discussion, workshops and exercises for busy professionals and teams related to:

  • Protecting your mental, physical and emotional health while raking it in!
  • How the wellness of your team is directly linked to the wellness of your business
  • Ways to relieve and over-come industry / work-related anxiety and depression
  • Take-away tips for dealing with the day to day wellness of yourself / your team
  • Simple takeaway exercises you can do at your desk to re-balance and relieve stress
  • Signs to look out for / understanding when someone in your team needs support
  • Methods to make your team feel more supported in the work environment
  • Fitness and Nutrition Tips from a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert
  • Natural Wellness Remedies, Supplements, Ailments, beverages and more!

This is a 30 seated masterclass. Places are limited .

Team and Group Bookings are available - early booking advised.

Contact us:

Date / Location: Sunday 29th September 2019 at The Education Club, Olympia Beauty, Gallery Level, Olympia London

Times: 2.15pm - 6.15pm

Training Provider / Lead Trainer: Eryca Freemantle