Petr Lhotsky

– International trainer, judge and coach of eyelash extensions

– Technologist and innovator of eyelash extensions techniques and products

– 2009 founded one of the first eyelash brands in Europe – DIAMOND LASHES®

– DIAMOND LASHES® is an exclusive brand, highly prized among professionals and the public

– DIAMOND LASHES® offers a complete educational programs in eyelash extensions including a comprehensive set of high-quality professional products

– The author of several educational program

– Personally trained over 1200 people

– Graduates of the course are regularly ranked top in eyelash extensions competitions

– Co-author of the book Lash Masters VOL 2

– Published in multiple lash, business and lifestyle magazines

– Works with celebrities in the Czech Republic and provides them with VIP services in eyelash extensions

– Specialised in individualised training in which uses the technique of COACHING – founder of the Lash Coaching

– Juror of biggest international competitions in eyelash extensions (Czech, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, Australia, Italia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Estonia, Netherlands, Mexico)

– Speaker at prestigious conferences all over the world

– Project author League of LashMasters – The biggest international educative congress in eyelash extensions – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 – voted as most inspirational lash conference