Pia Rotman Presents… Shaded Eyeliner

Pia has been a leading presence in the beauty industry for over 11 years. Not only has she been a respected member of the Society for Permanent Makeup Professionals since 2006, she has also been a licensed esthetician since 2002. She is co-founder of Orange County’s premiere microblading studio, Brow House.

Pia devotes tremendous care, attention, and custom design to each client. She believes that utilizing a positive mindset of focus and always doing her best is a huge factor in her success, in addition to her deep technical understanding of microblading.

As a certified esthetician, she has worked at several renowned spas such as the Grand Wailea in Hawaii and Beauty Kliniek Med Spa in San Diego, CA.  Being on the cutting edge has always been a core value for Pia; she continues to learn and enhance her craft so she can always provide her clients with the top level of service and her students with the most advanced methods of microblading. She has trained with some of the top permanent makeup artists in the country as she has travelled extensively furthering her knowledge and skills in permanent makeup and microblading.

Microblading has swept the beauty industry and Pia has experienced the amazing benefits of being a part of this incredible global trend.  Pia’s style is a result of years of combining the most effective and advanced techniques and is exclusive to her teachings.  Pia’s drive to provide the highest levels of service to her clients as well as her students is the foundation for her success.

As a certified Everlasting Brows educator, she is extremely excited to share her vast knowledge and experience with her students. Under her professional instruction, students will be receiving the most powerful foundation in microblading.

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