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22”-55” free-standing portrait commercial grade professional advertising screens

22”-55” free-standing portrait commercial grade professional advertising screens

Stand: A132

As with all our screens, our Android free-standing digital screens benefit from a commercial grade LCD panel which has an LED backlight. This brightness helps to bring everything to life on screen, making it incredibly eye-catching to your target audience.

Our free-standing advertising screens boast the asset of amazing longevity, which ensures that they are a reliable long term investment for any business.

As with all our Digital Signage, our free-standing digital screens are aesthetically pleasing in appearance and include a tempered glass face, rounded corners, durable steel enclosure and super slim profile.

To further enhance their look, the screens are coated in aluminium which adds to their sleek tablet-like appearance, and provides the additional benefit of protecting the internal components from potential damage.

Much like our internal screens, our free-standing digital screens have no buttons, controls, logos or branding. This adds to their aesthetic and reduces the risk of the displays being accidentally turned off when in use.

With your own unique environment in mind, we also provide the option to have the digital posters vinyl wrapped in a design of your choosing, so that it best complements it’s surroundings.

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