BeYou Cooling & Comfortable Patch

BeYou Cooling & Comfortable Patch

Stand: F65

Feel the cooling power of nature!

BeYou Patches are 100% natural, without any nasties, and are a great alternative to hot water bottles and heat pads. The two main ingredients are steam distilled essential oils: Eucalyptus oil from Eucalyptus leaves, and menthol from peppermint leaves (not the synthetic kind!).

After applying a BeYou Patch most people describe the feeling as a ‘cooling tingle’ while some simply say it helps them be comfortable! No more carrying around, or struggling to sleep with, hot water bottles. Finally, something natural that you’ll love!

Our patches are most commonly used in the morning before work (or school), and at night before bed. So whether you’re getting ready for a busy day, or simply want to get comfortable for the night, BeYou is here for you! The ingredients are released over 12 hours to provide comfort when you need it.