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Eco by Sonya Rich Honey Spray Tan

Eco by Sonya Rich Honey Spray Tan

Stand: A142

Eco by Sonya Rich Honey Professional Spray Tan Solution.

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Organic & Natural Rich Honey Spray Tan Solution contains no hidden nasties & was developed to moisturise your skin. Cacao is used to create the perfect colour from Mother Nature
Lasts between 7-10 days
Wash time of 2+ hours – you can leave it on for 4 hours or overnight, it really depends on your personal preference
Our products are certified organic and 100% natural, they do not contain chemicals that break the skin barrier, hence your tan will continue to develop for up to 48 hours
Only one colour is needed for our ingenious formulation adapts to individual skin tones
Fades away gently, not like food colouring tans where you have a crocodile effect. No orange or green dyes so no oompa loompa look!
Up to 10 applications per bottle
Golden bronze tones
Please Note: As all skin types are different, some people choose to leave the tan on for only 2 hours. It all comes down to application & desired results.