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Firming Abdomen Patches with Collagen DERMAMAY (10 patches / pack)

Firming Abdomen Patches with Collagen DERMAMAY (10 patches / pack)

Stand: B90

Medical Aesthetics, Salons, Skincare

Website: dermamay.com/


This mask perfectly fits to the abdomen area, is highly effective and has transdermic action effect. It is easy to use as well.

What needs to be done is only to preheat the sealed patch in a container filled with warm water for 3 minutes. Cleanse the abdominal area. Open the sachet. Unfold the patch and remove the first protective sheet. Apply and adjust the patch all over the abdomen. Remove the second protective sheet. You may also keep the second protective sheet due to increased occlusive action. Wrap the abdominal area with the cling film or thermal blanket. Let it act for 30-40 minutes. Afterwards remove the patch. Cleanse the abdominal area.

Produced in Italy.

More about firming abdomen patches, please find under the link: http://dermamay.com/en/products

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