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Hot Stones Therapy and KIT

Hot Stones Therapy and KIT

Stand: G25

Learn the massage technique that uses heated Basalt Lava Stones to warm the clients’ muscles, allowing a much deeper working of the tissue than a conventional massage. Find out which stones are chosen to correspond to specific parts of the body and how to use cold marble stones to balance the body.

Special Offer Available:

Do not miss the opportunity to buy a Coolherbals HOT STONE MASSAGE KIT 36 Basalt/ Marble Stones + 6 Quart Heater for the promotional price of £160
The kit consists of 36 Basalt Stones, 7 Chakra Stones, 6 Quart Heater and a Free training DVD
You will also receive:
Free 24K Face Lift Facial Massager
Three Spoke Body Massager
The Ayurvedic Massage Book – Secrets of How to do Ayurvedic Massage Head to Toe

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