Lipofirm MED

Lipofirm MED

Stand: D20

Aesthetics, Body Contouring/Inch Loss, Non-surgical

Lipofirm MED is an advanced medical aesthetic system incorporating the leading industry technologies – VoluDerm HE, a micro-needle RF technology, TriLipo® using non-invasive RF energy and Dynamic Muscle Activation. The combination of these technologies provides effective dermal volumizing, skin tightening and body sculpting.


Facial dermal volumizing
Skin tightening and fine line reduction
Facial skin contouring
Acne scar improvement
Skin resurfacing

Focused fat & cellulite reduction
Body contouring
Skin firming, lifting, firming & rejuvenation
Stretch marks and scar improvement
Circumference reduction

Special Offer Available:

Nothing to pay for 3 months available with Lipofirm MED platform when purchased at Olympia Beauty show 2019.