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Welcome to Olympia Beauty 2020!



Stand: D20

Aesthetics, Non-surgical, Skincare

MediLUX delivers unprecedented service power and
treatment scope — allowing clinicians to push their
LED service potential higher than ever before.
With 5 LED wavelengths, clinicians can target and
address a greater number of skin concerns and meet
a wider range of client objectives.
Treatment may be performed with a single strategic
wavelength, or layered with multiple wavelengths to
intensify results and implement tailor made skin
correction programs for every client.

MediLUX boasts ultimate power output per wavelength, meaning
both clinician and client can experience higher strength clinical
results when compared to other LED systems on the market.
Blue — 100mW/cm2
Green — 80mW/cm2
Yellow — 30mW/cm2
Red — 110mW/cm2
Near-Infrared — 120mW/cm2

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