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Multivitamin Face Cream

Multivitamin Face Cream

Stand: A142

Our Multivitamin Facial Cream is a combined day and night cream that is suitable for skin of all ages.

It is a rich, nourishing cream that moistens and soothes the skin whilst also reducing redness. The cream stimulates pore contraction and improves elasticity, giving you healthier skin.

This face cream is packed full of multivitamins such as Vitamin C, and E, Niacin(B3), Pro vitamin B5 and is also rich in Omega.

It will also balance the moisture levels in your skin – its so light and non greasy.

Easily absorbed and will create an ideal surface for applying make-up (if that’s your bag)

Soothing, smoothing, hydrating and balancing.

Directions for use:

Apply after cleansing the skin. Use in the morning and/or the evening on your face and neck.

If you want a bit of extra moisture, include a few drops of our Secret Forest Face Oil.