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Nectar of Youth Antioxidant Moisturiser for ages 40+

Nectar of Youth Antioxidant Moisturiser for ages 40+

Stand: A142

Karethic Antioxidant Moisturiser for mature skins of 40+ in age. Organic and Vegetarian

A genuine regenerating and protective treatment. Karethic’s Antioxidant Youth Nectar Cream is specially designed to prevent and fight the signs of aging. This creamy, melting, spring-scented treatment gives the skin all the nutrients it needs to regenerate. Deeply nourished, the skin is plumped and sublimated leaving your complexion radiant

Size: 50mls
Directions for use:

Apply this gorgeous antioxidant cream morning and evening,over your face and neck after cleansing. Massage gentley until the cream is absorbed.

For a complete beauty ritual, cleanse with Karethic’s cleansing gel and combine with our Antioxidant serum or our Radiance 2 in 1 serum. Can also be used in conjunction with our Karethic Scrub, Face Mask and Eye Cream for the full effect.

Active substances :

Bio moringa oil, fights against free radicals and premature aging of cells thanks to its high content of vitamins A, C and E and its 90 nutritional. 46 of these are antioxidants and 36 are anti-inflammatory. Also known for its high zeatin content, a compound naturally present in plants, stimulating cellular regeneration.

A complex combination of floral honeys, selected by Karethic for their regenerating and ultra hydrating power from their high fructose, potassium and vitamin B content.

Day after day, wrinkles are filled. The skin is protected and firmed.

Store in a dry place away from light and heat.
Eco-certified and recyclable packaging