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Nutrivi peptide drink

Nutrivi peptide drink

Stand: C135

Nutrition & Supplements, Nutrition & Wellbeing

Website: cosmique.uk

Brand: Nutrivi

Perceiving a human organism as an integrated entity, elements of which influence each other and need to be taken care of – it’s a fundament of a holistic approach towards health. According to its assumptions, regular care should be extended to the entire organism and should not be limited to reacting once a certain part of it is weakened.

Peptide Holistic Drink in a balanced way supports the functioning of the organism in accordance with the holistic idea. It’s an unmatched source of fish collagen amino acids and peptides of 100% natural, best digestible origin of proven regenerative, energizing and antioxidant properties. The presence of synergistically combined vitamin C from acerola and horsetail silicon in high concentration supports the action of amino acids. Curcumin and the piperine that strengthens its actions are ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties, so important in anti-tumor prophylaxis.

Peptide Holistic Drink is a unique, complete composition created for every day, all-embracing health support for the entire family.