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ODA Amber Acid line

ODA Amber Acid line

Stand: G42

Aesthetics, Education & Training, Skincare

The word amber in Lithuanian means “to protect from disease.” This unique mineral, composed of more than 40 chemical compounds and acids, has been used in medicine for many hundreds of years as an exclusive therapeutic gem that overcomes the most challenging diseases of the human body. Amber acid itself is a product obtained by processing natural amber in order to retain its useful chemical-physical properties. This acid is synthesized in our own bodies and is an ingredient formed from four carbon atoms. It does not cause allergies and, in a very short time, refreshes skin that is tired and affected by harmful environmental factors. In ODA cosmetics this dicarboxylic acid has a special significance because it is one of the most effective materials, having a strong anti-aging effect. The ODA amber acid peel is a procedure that is well-suited for mature skin facing the first signs of aging as it helps to overcome problems such as wrinkles and wilted skin. This ODA procedure provides effective results not only for facial skin but also for hands. It is a rejuvenating, fast-acting, and long-lasting procedure for tired skin.

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