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Slim Food Classic

Slim Food Classic

Stand: C135

Detox/Slimming, Nutrition & Supplements, Wellness

Website: cosmique.uk

Brand: Slim Food

A healthy and beautiful body, an attractive figure without unnecessary kilograms – this is most often the needs of people who want to feel well in their own skin, which depends on a conscious and careful treatment of their body. People who seek to restore and maintain the body’s balance.

Many of them have problems with implementing these needs, and as a reason indicate the lack of time, the idea of a diet and reluctance towards complex diet plans. Wholesome products that make up the diet, their quality and origin are of considerable importance in order for there to be success.

The answer to such outlined needs is SLIM FOOD bars, which are a ready to consume, wholesome food product in the form of bars with dietary, nutritional and pro-health effects. They are an alternative to generally available meals, recommended for anyone who appreciates high-quality food. Created by combining several high-quality ingredients, SLIM FOOD bars are a storehouse of nutrients.

By eliminating components from mass production and unverified sources the risks of GMOs are avoided. What is important, the base for baking is einkorn, an ancient, unmodified wheat, which does not cause the effects of gluten intolerance.

Fresh, because it’s prepared continuously during a unique, several-stage production process, for maximum protection of active ingredients and nutritional value. The product is free from preservatives, dyes, refined sugar, diuretics and substances accelerating the metabolism.

SLIM FOOD supplies the body with all the essential nutrients and supports the natural processes of the organism. The muscles receive building blocks, thereby fatty tissue, and not muscles are burned. What is important in the concept of shaping the figure with SLIM FOOD is that the attention is focused both on both body weight and its circumference, combining this image with the general appearance and the content of fat tissue.

We equally focus on health aspects. According to us, a good appearance as well as health and well-being constitute a whole. A diet based on our bars has an effect the weight, the figure and shape healthy eating habits.

Introducing SLIM FOOD to the diet gives invaluable benefits both for people with a sedentary lifestyle as well as those who could not imagine a day without physical activity. It may be part of a slimming diet determined by a specialist.

This product is also suitable for children as a healthy snack between meals.