LA Skincare Start up order – perfect for mobile therapists and home salons

LA Skincare Start up order – perfect for mobile therapists and home salons

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To get started on your journey as an LA Skincare stockist we have created your initial start up order.

Your start up order bundle gives you a selection of all the different products you will need in order to offer LA Skincare treatments and to allow you to start selling products to your customers.

Using the Right Ingredients for Skin Nourishment – Gadgets and Products Package is to allow you to use LA Skincare and the gadgets we have introduced to use within the ‘in salon’ facials. This is giving an opportunity to all salons to offer superior facials.

This way you can offer clients a retail range to use the products at home between salon facials and then return every month (or whatever you have decided), into the salon for ‘In salon’ facials.

LA Skincare – I created LA Skincare to be a easy to use, yet effective range. I am all about treating the whole body and not just the skin. Do you feel the same? If so I would love to have you on board with LA Skincare.

Holistic is not just all about being natural. Although, I have tried to make LA Skincare as natural as possible. For example, it is all paraben free and naturally preserved, as well as being vegan friendly.

Skincare is a long term game and more than just external.
No anti-aging cream will miraculously reduce aging and no spot healer will reduce dark spots overnight.
The ingredients we choose to apply to our skin need to nourish the skin inside and out.
LA Skincare believe in educating on more than just skin, skin is a key to what is going off inside. Stress can play a BIG part.
This is why we have introduced aromatherapy into LA Skincare, so that we can offer and all round holistic facial.
This package will allow you to include facial treatments as one of your services for clients straight away.

What does LA Skincare offer?
We have lots of gadgets you can use to offer the best facial for your client and make sure your salon stands out from the rest.

What can you charge and earn? Of course we are all in business to make money. LA Skincare Facials and retail range allows you to do exactly that. You can use the gadgets or don’t it is up to you. However, I want to make sure LA Skincare stockists can offer everything your client needs to have clear skin.

Charging between £30 – £50 for the Manual facial and £45 – £70 per facial for the Transformative Facial.

Each package consists of a minimum of £115 of retail products, allowing you to make your money back in no time at all.

Facial product cost £1.50 – Manual LA Facial

Facial product cost £2.75 – Transformative Facial

Education – You will also have product knowledge online training included in this package.

There will be online videos for you to use the gadgets within your facials. I believe it is important for you to have as much education as possible and I am always adding extra training.

You will be added to our Facebook stockist private group, where I will share information on treatments, feedback and new treatments offered. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions or ask advice and other therapists as well as myself can offer you guidance and help.

I believe if we work together we will achieve more than being on our own.

Louisa x

Special Offer Available:

Show offer – Only £500