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THE WIPE (500 Pieces)

THE WIPE (500 Pieces)

Stand: G50

Manicure & Pedicure, Nail Art, Nail Polishes

Brand: INK London

For years, nail professionals have been constantly searching for the ultimate lint free wipes.
I hate to break it you but there is in fact, no such thing as a ‘true’ lint free wipe – it simply does not exist.
There are however, low linting wipes. So low linting that they can be called ‘lint free’! However as many of us have discovered over the years, ‘lint free’ wipes do not live up to their claims, often crumbling and falling apart when wet or worse still, leaving annoying little fibres all over the nail plate!

So, what would you say if we told you that we have found the solution?

Introducing THE WIPE by INK London – THE ultimate professional low linting wipe.

• Absorbent and strong when wet
• Will not crumble or fall apart, no matter how hard you scrub
• A wipe that is so strong that you only need to use 2 per service
• The lowest linting professional wipe EVER

Put down those scissors! No more cutting up wax strips or kitchen towels!

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